Don’t diet, just eat healthy and eat more plants

It’s no secret that we would all want to be a little slimmer and yet an incredible two-thirds of us are not! Many of us often struggle to lose weight and when we eventually do, we can often find it even more difficult just to maintain that healthy weight. It doesn’t need to be difficult, […]

Stylish gym outfit idea for men

Here are some stylish gym clothes for men. Comfort and fit are the key so you can focus on doing your exercises correctly. So check out the following suggestions. Reebok Pumps Black and White Insta Pump Fury OG. Instapump Fury OG sneakers with mid-cut design, tonal upper, Pump P50 external technology, contrasting white midsole with […]

Yoga playlist for a 120min practice

There’s nothing like the perfect song to get you ready for your workout. We apply the same musical motivation to our yoga practice. Here is a 2 hour yoga playlist created by the Deezer editor Jouni. Enjoy the sound. Namasté.

The Ultimate Guide to This Summer’s Best Fruits and Vegetables

With the wide variety of different fresh vegetables and fruits this summer season, it means that we can aim to eat far more healthier. Adding more summer produce on your plate is a great way to slim down. So start storing your fruits and vegetables front and center in your family’s refrigerator or why not […]

Stylish Yoga Workout Outfit Idea

Here are some stylish yoga clothes that I found on Net-a-proter. Comfort and fit are the key so you can focus on doing the poses correctly. So check out the following suggestions. YUMMIE BY HEATHER THOMSON Yummie by Heather Thomson’s ‘Janet’ sports bra will provide support and comfort while training. This black stretch-jersey design is […]

6 reasons to hire a personal trainer

For those of you who aren’t seasoned experts when it comes to health, fitness, diet, and nutrition, getting in shape is not a simple and straightforward task. Of course, once you know what you’re doing, the whole process does become easier, but even so, it’s still far from simple and straightforward. To help reach their […]

How to acquire new skills

If you wish to lead a happy, prosperous, and worthwhile life, along the way you will almost certainly have to learn and acquire new skills. A large portion of achieving your goals and targets in life, whether they be personal or professional, will be learning new skills, new information, and perhaps even new techniques/activities along […]

Dream and take action…

“The distance between dreams and reality is called action” This is our first post and it’s about dreams… We all have dreams and we all want to accomplish things. To move from the idea and make it happen in the real world it will take more than our thoughts, we need action. Without action, all […]